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Updated: 2022-05-25 | Hits: 1292

      On May 20, 2022 at Hai Duong Power Company Limited, a meeting was held with big customers, Tan Nguyen Metallurgy Joint Stock Company and Tan Ha Kieu Joint Stock Company to discuss the content of operation cooperation in the hot season of 2022. Attending the meeting were Mr. Pham Trung Nghia- The Chairman and Director of the Company, Board of Directors and Heads of Departments; Tan Nguyen Metallurgical Joint Stock Company, Tan Ha Kieu Joint Stock Company attended with members of the Board of General Directors and leaders of power supply management and administration of the two companies.

      Hai Duong Power Company Limited  reviews and ensures energizing all electrical works against the overload for the hot season in the shortest time, fully prepare backup materials, operation plan, layout adequate operation management personnel to ensure the best backup force and materials to be ready for operation management in general and especially in the dry and stormy seasons. Making maximum efforts and mobilize all resources to prepare for sufficient electricity supply in 2022 and the following years. The meeting session ended in a friendly and open atmosphere, especially the understanding and sharing of the Board of Directors of Tan Nguyen Metallurgy Joint Stock Company, Tan Ha Kieu Joint Stock Company as partners and big customers, so that Hai Duong Power Company Limited can fulfill the tasks assigned by the Provincial People's Committee and Northern Power Corporation in 2022. (News from Hai Duong Power Company Limited).