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Updated: 2023-02-15 | Hits: 1033

     Coming to the Lunar New Year 2023, New He Qiao Shareholdings Company held the Year-End Closing Ceremony with the participation of all company employees and guests. Looking back 2022, a year with many difficulties and challenges but also very memorably for New He Qiao Shareholdings Company when many production and business achievements had been made.

     At the beginning of the Ceremony, Mr. Dong Binh - Deputy General Director on behalf of the Board of Directors summed-up for 2022; give plan & targets for the new year, and express his belief that with the efforts from all the employees, New He Qiao Shareholdings Company will achieve the targets, and contribute for the continuous prosperous of New He Qiao Group.

     In the next part, Mr. Bui Duc Thanh Deputy General Director leaded the awarding ceremony and announced the excellence employees & teams in 2022. Mr. Thanh also send the new year wishes to all employees & their families.

     In the ceremony, all the participants had enjoined the food, art performance, lucky draw with valuable gifts… in a warm & happy atmosphere.

     The annual year-end closing ceremony is a part of New He Qiao Shareholdings Company's corporate culture which helps to unite the spirit of solidarity, and encouraging employees coming to a  new year with happiness & joyful.

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