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Updated: 2021-08-13 | Hits: 7942

         In order to ensure the health of employees and stabilize production activities before the Covid-19 pandemic, on August 7, 2021 NHQ cooperated with Bao An Phat Health Joint Stock Company to vaccinate employees. In this 1st phase, NHQ deployed in advance for 30 injections in total 160 employees. These are employees with specific job characteristics that contact with many people and are easily infected.  

       Vaccination has been carried out in accordance with the procedure, ensuring maximum safety, employees have full declaration of medical and are screened before vaccination, 24 hours after injection, 100% of employees are stable in health.

      At the moment, NHQ continues to prevent the epidemic at a high level, propagandize to raise the awareness of employees to strictly comply with epidemic prevention regulations, and at the same time, speeding up the vaccination strategy. Vaccination will be a necessary measure contributing to the achievement of NHQ 's dual goals of "both disease prevention and ensuring effective business and production activities".

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