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NHQ IS RECOGNIZED THE TITLE “enterprise meeting cultural standards" by People's Committee of KINH MON COMMUNE IN 2020

Updated: 2021-03-15 | Hits: 838

        On January 5, 2021, NHQ was honored to receive Decision No. 2119 / QD / from People’s Committee of Kinh Mon Commune on the recognition of the title "Enterprise meeting cultural standards" in 2020. This is an important and meaningful event for the NHQ collective.

        In order to be recognized as a company that meets cultural standards, in a very difficult year due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, NHQ has made efforts to build and implement cultural criteria as prescribed. Through review and appraisal of documents, NHQ has been approved by the Appraisal Council of Kinh Mon Commune and achieved high scores with specific contents:

         Complete production, sales and service tasks

        Implement a civilized lifestyle, corporate cultural environment

        Improve the physical, cultural and spiritual life of employees

        Strictly obey the legal policies of the State

        The title of enterprise meeting cultural standards in 2020 will be an honor, a source of motivation for the collective of NHQ to strive and overcome difficulties to maintain in the next coming years.




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